Amplio Development


This workshop is primarily for coaches who want to go to the next level and transcend particular approaches but instead think for themselves. It is also useful for people in an organization who are responsible for how effective their coaches are. Those new to Agile can also take this workshop but must be prepared to do some extra work to keep up with the advanced themes. Enrollment also includes a six-month enrollment in Success Mentor’s Value Stream Management Master workshop.

Value Stream Management


The Value Stream Management Masterclass is our premier community for top consultants to continue their learning and contribute to best help improve organizations. Going beyond mere knowledge, we invite people to take on helping our community as well. If you want to know more about how you can change the world, read the article “Looking for people who want to learn how to change the world.” Participants in any DAVSC workshop by Process Mentors are automatically enrolled in this workshop for 4 months at no charge.

The Amplio Community of Practice

In this every other week series Al Shalloway will discuss topics he thinks are important but either overlooked or done poorly. These will include topics like dealing with complexity, the risks of using frameworks, and how the lessons of engineering can be useful in product development. He will also talk about his own approaches to the team, enterprise, SAFe, and being a coach.

Introduction to Disciplined Agile 2022

Updated for 2022! Disciplined Agile is composed of four main views: mindset, flow, practices, and people. In this updated course on Success Mentors U, instructor Joshua Barnes gives you a foundational understanding of the strategies, principles, and practices that go into Disciplined Agile.

Project Decisions with DA Masterclass

Learn the strategy DA provides - a guided approach to selecting the principles, practices, and techniques that are the best way of working for you.