Learn the Fundamentals

We offer a variety of courses and workshop options that covers the fundamental of principles, practices, techniques and guidelines.

  • Agile Fundamentals: Overview of the Iterative approach and its benefits as well as other agile approach options.

  • Lean Fundamentals: Overview of the Kanban approach and its benefits as well as other approach options.

  • Disciplined Agile Fundamentals: Overview of process goals and lifecycle options.

  • Agile, Lean, and DA Fundamentals: Cover the fundamentals of agile ways of working. Agile, Lean, and Disciplined Agile foundations.

Only Certified Instructors

All of our instructors are also coaches, supporting organizations worldwide bringing that experience into their training delivery.

Disciplined Agile Coach

PMI's Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant

Help organizations achieve true business agility

Do you want to accelerate value delivery at scale by moving beyond individual teams and applying Disciplined Agile across your organization? Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) folds practices from Flow, Lean, the Theory of Constraints, and Organizational Development into Disciplined Agile to give you the tools to optimize enterprise-wide value streams. Filled with collaborative activities, supplemental reading, and more, this 21 PDU instructor-led course goes beyond a single framework by teaching you the mindset, practices, and tools to reduce waste and focus on what matters.

What Our Students Say

“Thank you Joshua Barnes for sharing your expertise on Disciplined Agile Coach training. Looking forward to transferring the knowledge I gained.”

Fouzia D (DAC)

“Glen did a great job going over the entirety of the DASM content. He was extremely knowledgeable and detailed in answering any questions from the class. I feel ready and prepared to take all I've learned from the course and apply it to my software team.”

Elizabeth B- (DASM)

“It was great that it was 5 days, not 3. And I wish we have few more days for more practice and discussions. Overall, it is the most valuable course for me in last few years. Very practical and pragmatic. ”

Nikolay G (DAVSC)

“Great training by Process Mentors, Inc. taught by Aldo Rall and Joshua Barnes. I highly recommend it's very interactive, engaging and full of value. 4 hours of awesomeness!  Is one of the best well-informed, accurate content live interactive training courses I have attended.”

Ali K (Project Decisions with DA Masterclass)

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I have new tools to enhance my skills.”

Mark N (DASM)

“Joshua is a very good facilitator. I have learnt a lot and he is using real life examples which made it easy to understand I really enjoyed the course. Rated 5 out of 5.”

Reneilwe M. (PMI Accellerator)

“The DAVSC course was fantastic. The DAVSC is future of work, focusing not just on getting things done, but on delivering value faster in a customer-centric world. Getting to learn from word-class instructor like Joshua Barnes has been monumental. Learning the reasons, the 'whys' behind the choices, the tools, the concepts, and the DAVSC 'unplugged sessions' from the creator of the DAVSC, Al Shalloway, was absolutely priceless.”

Andy P. (DAVSC)

“The pace and quality at which the concepts within the workshop were discussed and presented to the attendees were adequate and overall relatable.”

Kareem S (DAVSC)

“Glen challenged the group constantly. The course was very effective in preparing for the exam which I passed.”

Rob G. (DASM)

“"The is no way to DA Coaching, DA Coaching itself, is the way." For a two-day workshop, the DAC program was well crafted and well executed. I think it was the best possible preparation to be a DA Coach.”

Roger B. (DAC)

Our Workshops and Courses

Created and Curated

Process Mentors. Ensure your success by taking a PMI Disciplined Agile certification course delivered by one of our industry-recognized instructors. All of our instructors are also coaches, supporting organizations worldwide bringing that experience into their training delivery.
Success Engineering. Led by Agile Leaders. Al Shalloway is a recognized thought leader in the areas of Lean, SAFe, Kanban, Scrum, design patterns, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Lean-management, value creation networks, Lean product management, and more.